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Top Travel Essentials

Traveling is something most people look forward to, unlike packing for their trip. Most of us have experienced packing mishaps from your shampoo leaking all over your clothes, to forgetting important documents. I've compiled a list of my top travel essentials to make packing and traveling stress free. Many of these are currently on sale for Black Friday, so you can snag yourself a great deal, or find the perfect gift for any travel lover!

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If you've never had a bottle of soap in your luggage leak all over your clothes, then consider yourself lucky. If you have then you know why this amazing invention is a must. Grab yourself a set of these (or 2) and make sure you don't have to worry about cleaning soap stains out of your clothes on your next trip.

If you've been on a long haul flight then you're probably familiar with the fact that the in flight entertainment isn't worth writing home about, or worse you could end up with the seat that has a broken entertainment system, forcing you to crane your neck to try and see the tiny screen 10 rows away. With this adjustable phone holder you can watch anything you want on your phone at whatever angle works for you.

Other than your passport a suitcase is arguably the most important travel item you need. Grab yourself this amazing suitcase with 4 wheels which allows you to pull it any direction. If you've ever run across an airport to catch a connecting flight, you'll know how much of a lifesaver that is.

As a kid I remember traveling to Greece with airlines that had 70lb weight limits for checked luggage. Those days are long gone and it seems that every year the weight limit for checked baggage is decreasing. If you end up with a stickler check-in agent then you might find yourself opening up your luggage to take out a scarf and a pair of socks because your luggage is .5lb too heavy. This luggage scale is a must to make sure you avoid those overweight baggage fees.

If you take vitamins regularly or have prescriptions then this is the perfect pill organizer. With 8 compartments you can easily organize all your pills and make sure you have as many as you need for your trip. No need to carry around bulky bottles of pills in your carry on anymore.

This has to be the most incredible backpack on the market. With a laptop compartment, anti theft technology, USB charging port and water resistant, they didn't miss a single detail. This backpack has been a life charger. I've lost track of how many times I've used the charging port while waiting for a delayed flight.

Not only are these the absolute cutest packing cubes, but they work amazingly well. I love to travel with only a carry on suitcase so these compression cubes are essential in order to get as much as possible into my carry on. I've used these to pack enough clothing to travel for 8 weeks across Europe and Morocco.

I've spent most of my adult life putting shoes into grocery bags to keep them from dirtying my clothes in the suitcase. Who knew these even existed?! I bought them last year and they make it so much easier to keep my clothes clean and now I don't have to worry about finding grocery bags to use.

Sleeping on an airplane on long distance flights is usually a nightmare that results in multiple kinks in your neck and little to no sleep. I've tried so many different travel pillows and this is by far the best one. I love that this pillow can be molded to fit your neck and sleep position. I have not had a kink in my neck while traveling since getting this pillow. You will not regret buying this pillow!

Many countries don't have drinkable tap water, or if you travel often you may find yourself somewhere where you simply aren't sure if the water is drinkable. This water bottle is thin so it takes up little space in your bag but allows you to have filtered water wherever you are. This bottle is great if you like to go hiking or camping. It'll also save you tons of money on bottled water, since some countries charge crazy prices for bottled water.

One of the most important things to have when traveling is a power bank. You never know when you could be stranded somewhere, be hit with a storm that knocks out power or simply end up stuck on a plane that keeps getting delayed. These are great to have even if you don't travel.

I don't usually travel with full sized toiletries so these silicone containers are great. They are so easy to fill, don't leak and have an adjustable label so that you know what's inside. The clear toiletry bag they come in is convenient so that you don't need to worry about finding a plastic bag to put the containers in when you go through airport security.

Most countries you'll visit when traveling will have different electrical plugs than you use back home. This worldwide adapter is essential so that you don't end up somewhere unable to charge your phone. It's fast charging and has 3 USB plugs so you can charge multiple devices at a time.

Having your passport and credit card information stolen is possibly the worst travel nightmare you can experience. This wallet can fit your passport, credit cards and travel documents and with its RFID blocking technology it will give you piece of mind that your information can't be easily stolen.

That wraps up my current travel essentials. Check back often as I discover new products and update this post!

If you have a travel product you think should be on the list, comment below with the link and I will check out the product!


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