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Portable Internet: Hippocket WiFi

One of the biggest problem when traveling abroad is finding reliable internet connection. Even if the hotel or airbnb has WiFi, unless you plan on never leaving your room, that still leaves you without internet for most of the day. When trying to run a blog and Instagram page, having constant reliable internet is essential.

Thanks to Hippocket Wifi, I've had WiFi all over Europe this summer. No matter where I am, and what I'm doing, as long I had my Pocket Wifi with me, I've had fast reliable internet, that allows me to connect up to 10 devices. That's right 10 devices.

In France, it gives me unlimited access, and 1GB a day everywhere else in Europe. I'm not quite sure how I ever lived without this genius device.

The Pocket Wifi is slightly bigger than a credit card and around a half an inch thick, so I've easily fit it into even my smallest clutch without a problem. The Pocket Wifi is smart, so when not it use it goes to sleep to save battery and provides 6 hours of straight usage. It lasts the day for me, and I charge it every night so it's ready to go the next day.

Pricing starts at 4.90 Euros a day, and goes up depending on the plan you choose, which is much cheaper than using your mobile data while abroad.

Get your Hippocket Wifi and stay connected wherever you travel to in Europe.

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