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All About Me: Dawn Lioutas

I regularly get comments, emails and direct messages asking me about myself. Many of you have a lot of the same questions. I love getting to know all of you, so hey, why not help you get to know me a bit better. Here are answers to the most common questions I get asked. If you have a question that wasn't answered after reading this post, feel free to comment your questions below and I would be glad to answer your questions.

What is my name?

This one seems obvious, but I get asked quite a lot what my name is. As my Instagram handle is @dawnlioutas, some people are not sure what my first name is. My first name is Dawn, which is a direct translation of my Greek name, Avye (spelled phonetically), which means sunrise.

Where am I from?

I am born and raised in Toronto, Canada. My background is Greek and Cypriot. I travel as often as possible, but Toronto is my home base.

How old am I?

I've had a few people assume that I am in my early 20s, and although I still feel like I am at heart, I am actually 27 years old. I had one person comment "beautiful milf" on one of my photos, and although I am not a mother, nor do I think being 27 is even remotely old enough to be a milf, I am choosing to take that as a compliment.

How tall am I?

I am 5'7.

What is my job?

I work as a elementary school supply teacher, which is great because it allows me the flexibility to take time off and travel whenever I like. I am also a travel photographer and blogger, which is my true passion in life and what I devote most of my time to.

How many days of the year do I travel?

This one is a little tough to answer as it really varies from year to year. The most I've traveled is about 6-7 months in year, ad the least is around 2 months.

What is my favorite city?

I don't even think this question is fair. There are far too many beautiful places to choose just one city, and each place is so unique. A few places that have really stood out to me are Florence, Venice, and Quebec City. They all have beautiful architecture and a great culture and vibe to them.

How did I get into photography and blogging?

I was lucky enough that my parents took me on trips as a kid to places like England, Greece, Mexico, and Cayman Islands, among others . Having those experiences as a young kid helped spark the love I have for travel. It was fascinating as a young child to see how differently people live in various countries, and how striking the contrast is in the weather and landscapes across the world.

In high school, I took a photography course and loved the ability that photography gives you to forever capture a moment and share it with people. I then got my first Nikon D5000 DSLR Camera and it all took off from there. I began first by photographing my travels and selling prints online. It wasn't until I was bedridden for 2 months with a knee injury in the summer of 2015 that I decided to join Instagram and start sharing my photos. From there things just took off and I eventually decided that it only made sense to start blogging about my travels as well, and share all the things I've learned to help you make the most out of your travels.

What is my dream?

My dream is to visit every continent and capture photos that reflect the unique culture and lifestyle of countries from all over the world. I would love to someday be able to say that I've visited every country (although I know this is unrealistic and there are many countries that are war-torn, or simply unsafe for one reason or another), but realistically I hope to someday visit at least 100 countries. Through the photos I capture I would like to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and visit new and unexpected places.

Now that you know me a bit better, I'd love for you to share some more about yourselves below. What are some things that you would like me to know about you?

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, and subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any of my posts.


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