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Fes Food Guide

One thing I learned while in Morocco was how much I love Moroccan food. Morocco has incredible food and Fes was no exception. We had a couple days in Fes, and I think we spent half the time eating.

Ben Yamna

We were tired on our last night and didn't want to get lost so we looked up the closest place to our Riad, which ended up being Ben Yamna. On tripadvisor it is spelled Benyamna, but their sign reads Ben Yamna. I'm going to assume that's why our GPS map app couldn't find it. We had the rooftop terrace to ourselves and had the fixed menu with an appetizer, main course and dessert for under 100 DHs, it was around 85 DHs from what I remember, which is about 8 euros. They brought us bread and lentils along with the salad we ordered as our appetizer. I had an amazing Chicken Almond Tagine as my entree. I could have easily eaten 2 of them with no shame. My fiance had the Meatball Tagine which was equally good. We had delicious fresh fruit for dessert. The meal was filling and you can't go wrong eating here.

This was our first meal after arriving in Fes. Eden is the restaurant in the Riad called Palais Amani. The courtyard where we sat was beautiful. We had the Market Moroccan Menu which came with an appetizer, entree and dessert. I had an incredible Fig and Goat Cheese salad as my appetizer, which was my favourite part of the meal. The balance of sweet and salty was perfect. The Beef Tagine was my choice of entree and although I'm not the biggest fan of stewed beef, I found the meat to be really tender and tasty. For dessert I had Peaches with Orange Blossom, which was a refreshing way to finish off the meal. This was a more expensive meal than Ben Yamna, but if you're willing to splurge this is the place.

Chez Rachid

We happened upon this place while walking around the Medina. Tripadvisor gave it a good rating so we decided to try it out. It is located on the street and allowed us to relax while taking in the view of life in Fes. I had a Chicken Pastilla (my favourite moroccan dish) that was delicious, one of the best on our trip. It is a simple and affordable place with great food. The prices are also very reasonable.

The service was great at all three restaurants, but that was the case pretty much everywhere we ate in Morocco.

Fes has many great places to eat but having only 2 nights in Fes, we didn't get a chance to try all the places we wanted. I think that's a good enough excuse for a future trip back to Morocco.

If you have been to Morocco or live in Morocco and have any other restaurant recommendations for Fes, let me know below.

Happy Feasting.

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