August 5, 2017

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July 25, 2017

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How to Make Money Traveling

June 10, 2017


I've loved traveling since I took my first trip as a child. There's nothing like the thrill of discovering a new place, a new culture. For most people however, travel is short-lived, as they can only travel as far as their savings will take them. 


If you want the freedom of traveling regularly, then you need to develop a source of income that doesn't require you to be in one location.


Here are some of the ways that you can make money while traveling, like I do. 



Dreamstime is a stock photography website. For those of you not familiar with what that is, stock photography websites allow photographers (anyone with a camera really) to upload their photos to the site. People and companies can then search the website for photos they need and if your photo fits what they need they will purchase it and you will get paid. Stock photography sites usually start paying about 50 cents per sale of your photo, however, the more times a photo of yours has been purchased, the higher the price becomes. You could get tens of dollars or even hundreds depending on the license they purchase. This is great for making money, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of photos, as you likely wouldn't make too much off of one photo. I have however, seen very popular photos that have earned the photographer thousands, if not tens of thousands off that one photo.



Fotolia works the same way as Dreamstime. Whenever I have new photos I upload them to both sites. You might get a different outcome, but so far I have made 10 times as much money on Dreamstime than I have with Fotolia


Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a great website that allows you to sell your fine art prints. You can create a bio and galleries if you have photos of different themes. You get to choose what products you'd like to create, such as pillows, phone cases, t-shrits and more, or you can choose to simply sell prints. The great thing is you get to choose your pricing. 



Neobux is the top PTC website. If you haven't heard of PTC websites before PTC stands for Paid to Click. It basically means you get paid to click on and view ads. There are millions of PTC sites, most of which are here today and gone tomorrow, or simply never  pay you. Neobux is the largest and most reputable. They've been around for 10 years and will play you instantly when you cash out. You get paid 1 or 2 cents for viewing ads. That might sound like an impossible way to make money, but the way to make money is through referrals. You can pay to rent referrals and you will make money off of them when they view ads. You view a few ads a day for a couple minutes and then let the rest of your referrals earn the money for you. I have over 10,000 referrals I've rented over the last 10 years and each year I cash out enough money to pay for a few trips.  



Zazzle is another website that I use to create products out of my photos. They have hundreds of products that you can create such as notebooks, binders, mugs, greeting car